I see we have a solid group of 6 recruits with 5 a solid 3* and one Juco that was highly rated. Since there is little going on, does anyone have any insight on anyone else coming on board in the near future?

I think this pandemic has suck for the coaching staff.

We just offered the Richardson kid from Ridge Point, a sure handed and talented 3 star receiver,
He is Bucky’s son and a very smart kid.
The bad news is that he has been committed to Okie Lite for a while. He would be a great add

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A bit off topic, but I am watching the top 100 on NFL network and they are on Jimmy Garoppolo which got me wondering where he played in college. I discovered he went to Eastern Illinois and thought he must not have been highly rated in high school. So, I followed that to discover he was a 2 star recruit with a 5.3 rating with offers from Eastern Illinois, Illinois State, and Montana State. Yet another great player that fell through the crack.

All this is to say, that regardless of how the big 5 stars are easily recognized, it again shows we should put more emphasis on what our coaching staff thinks of players more so than the " recruiting experts."