Redshirt rule?

What is the basketball red shirt rule?

The regular redshirt rule is that a kid can’t play at any point during the season.

They can be granted a medical redshirt if injured and is forced to miss a large amount of time.

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I wish they would adopt the same rule as football. I mean, if a player can play in up to 4 football games (which for a lot of teams is a full third of the season), why can’t basketball players play some without giving up eligibility? Just looking at regular season slates of 31 games, I’d like to see something along the lines of allowing them to play in up to 7 or 8 games. I would even be ok with teams having to lock in their rosters at the start of conference tourneys, meaning any kid wanting to take a red shirt would only be allowed to play in regular season games. How awesome would it be to get Caleb Mills some real NCAA game experience in the spring without him losing eligibility?


It was recommended, but the basketball coaches panel shot it down.