Ref calls in ucf v ecu game

Can’t fault the 10+ false start calls vs UCf , UCF is playing sloppy ball…but 3 times refs have called incomplete passes that were fumbles 2 by ucf…they didn’t even go the replay. Booth announcers replayed showing clear catch, secure and step …worried, same inept replay officials will probably be officials for our game at some point.

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Gotta protect UCF

What?! Inept AAC refs? Perish the thought!


Exactly. I watched Tulsa v OSU and thought the AAC refs on the field did OK, for AAC refs. Still there was a PI and Offensive holding call that the tv announcers replayed over and over and couldn’t find a foul.

So, we have to spot opponents like UCF, Memphis, and even SMU if they’re ranked when we play them a score or two because of the officiating.

I thought the partnership with the ACC on officiating would have helped but I don’t really see it.