Regarding the whole AAU thing


I just found out that the President of my undergrad alma mater has just been selected to lead the entire AAU.

See here:

I guess now would be the time for me to e-mail her and ask her to support the inclusion of my law school alma mater (UH) as well!


Maybe you know off the top of your head, but are we as good academically as any of the public flagship schools? Seems like any school who can make that case, would be able to gain admission.

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I’m sure that, in terms of our research budget, we’re already AHEAD of many public and private universities on the list.

I already know that our research budget is larger than Rice’s, for example, and AAU membership metrics are largely research driven.

And I’m sure that our academics are at least on par with public AAU members Stony Brook, Oregon, and Kansas…at least…in my mind.


Please you your resource! Thanks for writing her, even if it is just an attempt.

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I did indeed send her an e-mail, congratulating her on her new position, telling her how much my undergrad alma mater will miss her, and requesting that she strongly consider UH for membership in the AAU!



Back in around 2010, when we had a graduate dean, he told me we were in a flatfooted tie with Stony Brook and ahead of Rice in AAU rankings. I do not know why it has not happened