Reid Gettys is a special guest on NCFOM Podcast!

Hi gang,

Just wanted to give folks a heads up that we were fortunate enough to get Reid Gettys for almost an hour on the No Conference for Old Men podcast for our May offseason edition :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:! He was super gracious with his time, and I think you guys will really enjoy it with stories he hasn’t shared elsewhere before.

Link below & have a listen at your leisure, was lots of fun to do. Thx for the continued support everyone :pray:!!!


This is an awesome podcast. Reid has some great stories to tell.


I listened this morning and it was so good.

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Thx so much for the kind words!!! You all have been so supportive of us as we got this podcast off the ground to start our inaugural season in the Big 12, thank you all :pray:t4:! Hope to continue to grow and show everyone what a passionate fan base we’ve developed for our hoops program :sunglasses:!


That was awesome, Great work!

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Absolutely loved it. Top-notch.


Excellent…don’t pass this up folks.


First time I have listened….not really a podcast guy….

But this was first rate……excellent job facilitating sir.

I’m a new fan.


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Thx so much for the kind words gentlemen, it’s been a lot of fun (and learning) in year one.

Thanks to all of you that have listened in, as many know we were picked up on & our episodes are also distributed by The Republic of Football feed from the Dave Campbell’s Texas Football group. We’ll try to keep up the quality content for all of our fans, so please listen in and provide feedback. We’re always looking to improve!