Remember remember the 1st of September

Remember, remember, the 1st of September
The Texas State game that was lost;
I see of no reason why the Texas State game
Should ever be forgot.

Levine and Nesbitt
’Twas their project.
To Google how to beat the lowly Bobcat.
Three hours later two touchdowns below.
Poor old Houston embarrassed and cold.

Cream em, Coogs.


Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn my back and slam the door
And here I stand
And here I’ll stay
Let it go, let it go
The cold never bothered me anyway

Standing frozen in the life I’ve chosen
You won’t find me, the past is all behind me
Buried in the snow


Are you equating the TX State loss to the Alamo?

More like the Gunpowder Plot but that’s not fair to Tony Levine…really I just liked the rhyme.

It’s also how I sold my wife on getting tickets to the game Saturday. It’ll be my first non-Rice roadie since that Fort Worth Bowl disaster

More like the Gunpowder Plot1

I’m not sure that debacle is entirely fair… to the gunpowder plot.

I think I read somewhere where we were 40 point favorites that game. I was there and it was ugly. Didn’t the offensive coordinator get fired the next day?

This should be a scrimmage with the subs including Postma getting plenty of playing time. Given they play 4 games in 20 days it is just what the doctor ordered. Somebody needs to pay more attention to the scheduling. 4 really tough teams and it would be season over.

Warrior poet.

4 Teams in 20 days does sound like a lot, but the norm is 4 teams in 22 days…the former doesn’t sound that daunting, especially considering the first and third opponents, 3 of the games are in Texas, and 2 are at home.

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