Remember when everyone wanted Josh Pastner as coach?

Struggling with the Rambling Wreck.


But how does he compare to Dickey? Kind of weird to argue that we made the right choice to pass on him for Dickey in 2010 based on his team today.

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Who, who wanted Pastner?

I think he had 1-2 good years at Georgia Tech

Good recruiter. But, his teams lack an identity

He beat up on the Conference USA.

I do not, actually, and I was here for the entire “Larry Brown envy” era. Pastner seemed pretty clearly like he was in over his head at Memphis, and I was surprised he got hired again so quickly at a major program.

Georgia Tech’s an increasingly hard place to win, but it seems like he’s done fine enough there, by my estimation. His weird, dorky energy seems to fit in there. I’m not terribly familiar with the program, though.

Oh, there was a vocal contingent that swore he was the next big thing back then, including some media guys. When he started off with some success at Memphis, that got louder. He wasn’t really even in the discussion when we hired Sampson, so whatever.

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“Everyone” did not want Josh Pastner, lol, come on. I certainly didn’t. Heck the only time I even remember him getting brought up was by Matt Jackson, this was prior to us hiring Ray McCallum… Of course, Matt was good friends with him.


UH was a G5 program, tho! Beggars couldn’t be choosers.

No NIL & Transfer Portal, too!!!

UH was handicapped as a program…

It’s easy to look at it hind sight in 2023.

All’s well that ends well.

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People wanted BCG more than Josh back then.


There was talk about him coming in with Pat Foster returning so he could mentor JP and we could use his daddy for top recruits.
Other than Matt Jackson going on a rant over the radio about how we should bring him in no one was clamoring for JP to be the HC.

I recall Monceaux being hot for Pastner. Not many others

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It seems that often on the internet, someone disagreeing = everyone disagrees


He started off offering himself to TSU and then Prairie View A&M using the NIKE contract and access to Carlos Hurt, Marlon Pompey and Lamar Hurd and Jerome tang was going to be his assistant - no AD took him seriously lol

Matt Jackson was all in on pastner.

Josh was definitely a candidate for the job at age 25 when we settled on Penders. This is not revisitionist history.

I only remember one really pushing for Pastner and he was a radio man who frequented this board.
Pastner might have done better here since he knew the local recruiting area very well.


Its all chemistry. One guy bombs here and tears it up over there. Vice versa. Who knows. The Drexler hire was the silliest of them all.