Reminder: Corey and Galen play at 3:30pm CT Friday

Will be televised on the CBS Sports Network.

Looking forward to watching them together one last time.


Also Corey coming up on 3 point competition soon on ESPN live right now.

Just had a body cam on him. Go Corey!

Aah man i had switched to the bucks game. Hope i didnt miss it.

Watching now. Lots of AAC guys. Just saw Bj taylor. Saw a tulsa jersey.

Corey top in points after 6 players. On to the final round.

Corey takes the lead with 21

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No power 5 rep in the final.2 AAC guys.

Corey finishes first round the scoring leader. BJ squeaks into the 4th spot. Two AAC kids in the final round.

Could it be the red uniform?

Oh well. Good to see him out there!

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Corey struggles. Finishes 3rd. BJ top scorer second round moves on to final.

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Custer beats BJ to take it all but Corey had top performance of all 3 rounds.