Rename Calhoun Rd/MLK to Khator Ave

I think we should push the city to rename Calhoun Rd/MLK Blvd to Khator Ave. MLK Blvd will remain south of Old Spanish Trail. This stretch of the street is on UH campus with only McGregor park on the other side of the Med school.

We would rename the street after someone who has done an excellent job for the university and that everyone loves. You cannot get that kind of consensus from the current namesakes.

The medical school will have her name in its address and any other healthcare facility built on that land.

I think it’s a great way UH could honor her and get it done soon with a pro-UH mayor in office.


I think it is a great idea for when she retires. I never like people getting stuff named for them when they are actively serving in a position. Just kind of looks funny. And yes, I wasn’t thrilled we named the Fertitta center after the guy who gave most of the money who is also the chairman of the BoR. I don’t think there is anything to it, it just looks like cronyism.


That’s the thing about it. We hope she never retires so the streets will never be renamed. I’m sure she would say do not do it but it will be out of her hands. This would be something the city, UH regents and student body would support.

As far as Fertitta having his name on the basketball arena, it’s normal that who ever donates the lump sum of money to have buildings built, would get their name on it.

Maybe she doesn’t retire. But she will die. A very long time from now:)

You could rename Calhoun Rd, but not a chance in hell you’ll rename Martin Luther King next to MacGregor Park. Just a political reality.

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Aren’t they supposed to first rename part of Holman to be Hofheinz?

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I don’t know for sure but they may have a ceremony where they rename the street and unveil the statue sometime next season and make s big celebrations about it.

This past season was all about the Fertitta Center and celebrating the opening of it.

I don’t like it. A new street, a new building yeah it’s cool, but don’t change what’s already established. Also, this stuff should be considered after she retires.

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She is not a Saint. She is an Administrator. Administrators come and Administrrators go.

I been involved in a great many organizations public and private and a never seen an administrator treated like a deity like most on this board treat her.

Now, I have come around about her. She appears to have done well here. Don’t know what her metrics are among faculty and staff.

So give her kudos. Give her a raise. When it is time for her to retire give her a gold watch like everyone else.

(I am well aware we had 25 years of ineptitude in senior administration on every issue before she arrived)

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