Renewal Deadline Moved Up?

30 year season ticket holder here. The renewal deadline has always seemed to be about May 1st. I think I got a notice to that affect earlier this year. I then got a notice recently from one person saying that the deadline is now April 3rd. Then yesterday I got a traditional looking renewal notice saying that I can qualify for a possible trip with the team if I renew by May 1st. Are you guys seeing these conflicting timelines?

Is anyone surprised that the left hand of our ticket office has no idea what the right hand is doing? Thought not!

I can’t imagine the opposite will not happen. I would think that the deadline will be pushed back into June instead of pushed up.

The communication is definitely lacking.

I received email with three renewal dates offered with the chance of winning different prizes. Renew by March 6 for X, April 3 for Y and May 1 for Z. Not confusing to me. I think as long as you have paid your Cougar Pride required seat commitment by the end of CP fiscal year (June 30 or July 31) you can still renew.

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That makes sense. I never get the emails so I have no idea what it read.

Moncoog - I assume you’re a CP donor. Log on to your account and make sure the correct email is in your profile. If it is then call CP and tell them you’re not receiving the U of H Athletics emails.

I agree with you, that email was not confusing, until I got a reminder notice telling me the renewal date was April 3rd. So I called the ticket office this morning and spoke to a very nice lady who said it was April 3rd. I asked about the prior email with the prize drawing notices out to May 1st and she said that was for a prize after the deadline. What?? That is why i put up the original post. I will send in my money the last week of April like i usually do.

I emailed the ticket office and was told 4/3

OK 81, I understand. I have found I get much better results working with my Cougar Pride contact and not the ticket office. CP is going to add my basketball season tickets to football ticket renewal and still allow me the three month payment option.

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I talked with Matt in the ticket office before they opened ticket renewals in order to set up moving my buddy’s two tickets down the row to take two of my four so we could sit together and it was all set up and the day renewals started he called and Joe and I ordered our tickets. I don’t know how it could have gone smoother.

I got the same e-mail as Coog74.

I have also learned to do everything through the Cougar Pride folks. Very helpful.

What I was told by the ticket office is that the cost of renewing one’s season tickets will go up in price if not renewed by the April 3rd deadline.

So expect a price increase every season?

Yep, and expect season ticket numbers to go down

Dave. Our tickets have been the same @ $200 per seat for the season from the first year in TDECU. This renewal the price increased to $225. CP seat commitment has not increased once.

Edit / Addition - received email from Cougar Pride they will be working remotely indefinitely, but will be able to help CP donors. In my opinion if you’re concerned about ticket renewal send an email to your CP contact. My contact took care of my renewal and you can still make three installment payments. You don’t need the ticket office which is probably closed anyway.

Consider yourself lucky – I believe my per seat donation increased about $100 (per seat) since the first season. It has leveled off over the last three seasons (not much reason to increase it).

My comment was about the two prices: one before April 3rd and one after the April 3rd deadline. If you get a slight price break before the deadline, then I don’t mind the approach. If the post-April 3rd price is higher than the previous year, then it is an easy way to slip a price increase on the renewal. Hopefully, it is a price break.

My seat donation went down and switched to the ticket price which is a sneaky way of getting more money out of me (and likely others).

Never have. Been a problem for the last 40 years at least.

Yes, that long at least. But we once had an effective and caring ticket office - way back when Harry Fouke was our AD. Ned Thompson was our very first Ticket Manager, and he was VERY GOOD; it has gone downhill ever since he retired! In fact, it is so bad now that I don’t know how we ever sell any tickets. And - - no one seems to care because they certainly never do anything about it!

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