Renewed Rivalries, But With A Twist

I’m very excited about renewed rivalries with BU, TT, TCU, but what if the B12 creates an East/West divisional set up where UH is GROUPED with UC,WVA, UCF, ISU, and OSU? That would limit the Texas school rivalries as BU, TCU, and TT would be in the west with BYU, UK, and KSU

What are other’s ideas as to how the divisions will be set up?

I heard North and South divisions

I’m sure hoping for a “South” Division that will include Baylor, Tech, TCU, UH, and Okie State.

All five teams spent at least a portion of their program history in the SWC.


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This is my hope! I’m just not sure the other teams will go for this as it would limit their presence in Texas.

It makes too much sense to build the divisions around the former SWC and B8 schools. They’ll find a way to screw with us. Idk who the power brokers in the new B12 are, but they’ll lump us in with the teams that want recruiting access to Houston and have the means to make it happen.

Whichever route they go, they should not go entirely North/South or East/West. This is not a mid-term that they’re going to be docked points for trading a school here or there.

ISU needs to be with Kansas and KSU, and UCF should be with WVU and Cincy.

Which I think they will do, at minimum. So if we end up in an eastern division, I think somebody else goes with us in place of Iowa State. Probably Baylor.

Use names like in Hockey:

Bullock Division


Richards Division


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All speculation at this point. Until the ink dries on the new TV deal and conference realignment slows down…

I’m going to ONLY reply to posts by individuals with UofH, or Cougar in their name or icon from now on. All others are considered snakes in the weeds!!!



Certainly hope this isn’t meant as derogatory to this long time Cougar fan! Elmo Wright, Gary (Moon) Mullins, D C Nobles, Wilson Whitley, The Brezinas, the MaGallions, and many more down to the present day have been among those which I idolized. But if I’m considered a snake in the weeds, nevertheless I’ll extend my mercy toward you and keep on cheering for the team I love!



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They only play two games a year in Texas. With a set up of the Texas schools/OSU together they still could be guaranteed 1 game and will get 2 some years. Plus they could get a game in Florida every other year or have BYU travel to them every other year (attendance boost).

In my mind the Texas 4 and OK State should be together. KU, KSU, ISU should be together. Cincy and WVU should be together. That really only leaves the option of does BYU go with the northern/eastern teams or does UCF. I’m sure BYU will beg to be with the Texas schools and UCF being eastern time zone might be best with Cincy/WVU. UCF is a little closer to Kansas than BYU is to West Virginia also if you look at the longest trips.


Damn it…common sense says geography should play a dominant role in how the Big 12 structure the divisions. The 4 new teams should have 2 each in the new divisions. U of H and BYU in one and UCF and Cincy in another. Break down the rest by geography.
All the Texas schools should be in the same division.

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Its the only common sense way.

Couldn’t you still have 2 crossover games per year?

3 crossover games with an 8 game schedule. That is the way to go so in a four year span you have played every team in the other division home and away. Leaves 4 non conference games so easy to add games in Texas if those other programs really want them.

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If you do a 9 Conference game schedule with 12 teams, you’ll play EVRYONE H or A every 3 years and 2x H/H every 6

I also agree. Playing rape u, TT, TCU, and OSU will sale more game tickets.