Renu Khator drives University of Houston to full potential |

Just an amazing lady.

Research activity has doubled during her tenure, and Khator says she plans another 50% increase over the next five years. “You can only build yourself on your region’s economy,” she says. “We had to sync the university’s strength with the region’s strengths.”

Houston is one of the planet’s energy capitals, but it wasn’t until Renu Khator arrived that the university launched its petroleum engineering program. She also developed an offshore energy institute to work with industry.

The Texas Medical Center in Houston is considered the world’s largest health care complex, and in May, the university received state approval to open a medical school at the center in 2020. Beyond academics and research, the medical school will play a key role in the university’s community outreach efforts. In one initiative, student medical teams will adopt a neighborhood family and monitor their health care needs for four years, Khator says.


Good article but not sure the writer got all his facts right unless the Texas Medical Center is going to annex our medical school as part of its district.

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Definitely missed on that one. I imagine there will be crossover, but the facility will not be under them.

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I hate it when they leave us hanging like that. Was it top secret?