Renu Khator Interview

Good stuff.

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I truly believe that she has put us on the map in short order and has done things that no other man or woman could do . She is a one of a kind leader that only comes along once in a life time . She has “fire in the belly” !
Go Coogs !

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We are witnessing one of the most important figures in the school’s almost century long existence. A clock tower with her name would be a great tribute to her long-standing and diffuse legacy.


Indeed, she may be the greatest or just behind the founder at the very least. I
used to think of PG Hoffman , “The Builder” , as greatest or second greatest president
in school history, but I’m placing her above him now on my list. For along time after PGH,
I had feared we had peaked, but I was a fan of Hugh Walker and Arthur K. Smith too.

The combination of having someone like Dr Khator and Tillman as head of BOR together
at same time is powerful.

I really like the idea of a tribute clock tower.

  • Edison D. Oberholtzer, President, Houston Junior College, 1927-34, and President, UH, 1934-50
  • Walter W. Kemmerer (acting), 1950-52, President, 1953
  • Charles F. McElhinney (acting), 1953-54
  • A. D. Bruce, President, 1954-56, and Chancellor, 1956-61
  • Clanton W. Williams, 1956-60
  • Philip G. Hoffman, 1961-77
  • Barry Munitz, 1977-83
  • Hugh Walker (interim), 1982-83
  • Richard L. Van Horn, 1983-89
  • George E. Magner (interim), 1989-90
  • Marguerite Ross Barnett, 1990-92
  • James H. Pickering (acting, interim), 1992, President, 1992-95
  • Glenn A. Goerke, 1995-97
  • Arthur K. Smith*, 1997-03
  • Jay Gogue*, 2003-07
  • John Rudley* (interim), 2007
  • Renu Khator*, 2008-present
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