Renu meets with ESPN head



I’d love to be a fly on that wall. Any info on the topics discussed?


That chick is a go getter.


I like this. Right on the heels of Tilman’s comments on the Big 12 pants crapping we witnessed last year.

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Probably a little bit of conversation about this …

I’d be curious if ESPN approached the Big12 or was it the other way around. If ESPN approached the Big12, they sabotaged our talks. If the Big12 approached ESPN, the Big12 was just using UH and the other schools into dishing out more money.

She’s the chair of the AAC Board of Directors. This meeting almost assuredly occurred in that context, as we are closer to the end of our current TV deal (33 months away) than the beginning (51 months).


I hope she gets the AAC a good TV deal. I’d watch any AAC football game than Troy vs South Alabama!

I don’t believe she was meeting “on her own”. I agree with CougarRed. She’s starting to work on a new TV package for the AAC.

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I still think that dude’s name sounds like he should be a pornstar based out of central texas


This guy has it backwards. in his own words it wasn’t until AFTER the Big East rejected a TV deal that ESPN started talking to individual schools.

"It happened in the old Big East when the league turned down an offer from ESPN and suddenly Disney started to have backdoor discussions with Pittsburgh and Syracuse, "

His worry is only valid if

  1. There is a deal offered
  2. The AAC turns it down
  3. Individual schools start trying to work there own deals.
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Well it’s like I talked about before, what does it take to sweeten the pot. If ESPN offers $28 million more a year if schools sign a buyout agreement for the same length of time with the AAC, then telling that to Renu would be in their best interest. It’s pretty clear to see that the conference is on the verge of having 3 top 25 teams in football and basketball almost every year. That sells more advertising.

The $28 million per year would have to be split between 12 schools and is still less than the current $30 million per year that each B12 school gets. No, it is not enough money for a grant of rights. Now if they want to talk about an additional $28 million per school then we can talk.


Based on the viewers we deliver, I project the next TV contract to be worth $5-8M per school.


I’m not sure if it’s the way I write things on here or just what people want to read into it. I’m saying an additional $28 million to what they plan to offer without buyouts. Not an additional $28 million to our current contract. In other words a BONUS for conference security.

Let’s say for example ESPN were to offer $200 million for 5 years, almost double the current TV revenue. Then ESPN said, they will make it roughly $230 million if all the current teams signed a 5 year $10 million buyout clause prorated down to $1 million per year. It wouldn’t make sense for the bonus to be worth more than the buyout, then teams could just use the bonus to break even with the buyout. Make sense?

We will get paid more than BYU gets paid.

It comes down to the average though. Do you believe Tulane, Tulsa and UConn each deserve to be paid more than BYU?

well I mean shes one of the highest paid presidents…but for a very good reason

Does UH deserve to be paid less than Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Missouri, Minnesota, or Oregon St.?

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