Does anyone know if there will be a replay of the Memphis game?

I don’t see anything l listed in YouTubeTV under UH programming that is upcoming. Also, I checked CBS Sports Network online and don’t see anything listed. It would be on CBSSN if they re-air it. If I could share the recording of the game, I would.


Not a replay but better than nothing


Awesome. Thanks.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Loved watching that.
Thank you!!!

Hinton has a really good looking pull up jumper. He really needs to be more assertive come tournament time. It would be good to see him bust out in the tournament and come back next year as the alpha dog.


I really hope that Grimes comes back. We would be super deep with him for next season.

If White keeps working on his 12 ft game he’ll be the go-to guy next year.

Totally agree with you about Hinton’s jumper, when he elevates he has great shot!

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I like that baby hook he has developed. When he gets that jumper going he is going to hurt people.

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White and Grimes ae terrific. I especially like their ability to score inside and outside. Our defense is as good as any I have seen.