Report: Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis among Big 12 expansion finalists


Report: Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis among Big 12 expansion finalists

So, Rice was eliminated ??

Fudge this crap. big 12 is just trying to distract us from beating OU.

Salt Lake rag is reporting that BYU made the cut …

Link …

Which I gather is a big deal for their fans considering their honor code adjustments and other campus issues and they are stuck WAY OUT in the west with no one else as a traveling partner as the MWC candidates have been eliminated.

The paper did report that the Big12 presidents will meet 10/17 for the final decision however one can almost guarantee that leaks will be reported by the “usual suspects” as to who the finalists will be WAY BEFORE October.

At this point I would welcome CoogBong and his chicken bones witch doctor FOR SOME INSIGHT … looney bin as it may be but considering all the alternatives and articles we are having to endure some hoodoo voodoo would be a change of pace.

But as usual he and his psychic have disappeared from this board and are no doubt SAFELY laying LOW until all the dust has settled.

Love the title of this:

The 10 team Big 12 is down to 6 to 8 teams as expansion candidates. Here are all 12, maybe 13.

First, we know some of the schools that did not make the cut. East Carolina, despite their enthusiastic efforts, will not be joining the Big 12, and neither will UNLV, New Mexico, or San Diego State.

Right now, the 12 that remain in the running according to reports are:

Air Force - football only

Memphis has not been confirmed at this point.

Arkansas State, Boise State, East Carolina, New Mexico, Northern Illinois, San Diego State and UNLV are definitely out.

I’m cool with only 2 teams going to the Big 12, of course UH being one of them and Cincinnati or BYU would probably be the other.

Rice. Says a lot. I could host a 5 hour show talking about the ridiculousness of the Owls still being on this list. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love for Rice to return to national relevance, but that will never happen. Never.

The fact that Rice, SMU and Tulane are still on the list makes this a joke…if it is indeed the case !

Red herring?

The only reason to have Rice there is because of the Houston pipeline and Rice wouldn’t be the threat UH would be on the field.

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Exactly! Rice being on the list completely disqualifies every argument they make against us.

No. Rice was listed among the remaining candidates. I think this was to make UH fans nervous. After last night’s game, Rice should apply for a downgrade to DII. They are definitely not ready for Prime Time.

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