Representative Lauren Boebert R-Colo

Decency and not to mention decor is not exactly a strong suit for some people. What, pray tell, is the value and point here? What, exactly, is she bringing attention to and was there a better way of attracting that attention.

Where I come from we called this staged outraged and a cheap political stunt disguised as a cute little hack job. Am I right or wrong? :thinking:

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She and Greene were both embarrassing.


I’ve never seen anything so petty [this will forever be hard to beat!] and her timing could not have been worse and speaking of Greene, there’s also Gaetz, Gohmert and Gosar who also all separately in their own class.

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The bar to get elected to Congress and even the presidency has taken a steep nose dive over the last few election cycles. Intellect, gravitas, common decency don’t matter any more. Representative democracy I guess. These are elected officials after all

I think Pelosi shredding Trump’s speech 2 yrs ago still wins the title. But this is a close 2nd.

What do you think is done with duplicates?

You want to discuss archive records abuse?

Torn documents, anyone? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A State of the Union speech is by definition addressed to the Nation.
He talked about all of his accomplishments. That are indeed massive failures.
Not once friends.
Not once friends
Not 13 times did he mention the 13 heroes that died because of him and him alone.
Don’t write about decency in that particular chamber when many to this day financially support antifa members by bailing them out of jail. Many in the same chamber blindly support blm.
Furthermore how many dems did not show up for their own President inauguration?
How many dems boycotted some of his State of the Union Address?
Clear enough for you?

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Those idiots have turned the institutions that I love into a freaking Jerry Springer show. I get it that there is a group of people that like Springer and train wrecks and rude behavior. But those people shouldn’t be leading this country. There is a reason Springer is on (if it is still on, I have no idea) in the afternoon because those morons who watch that crap aren’t productive members of society.

Trump and the trumpish politicians need to be gone.


I second that!


They are turning our country into a third world country.


How quickly they forget…


She tore that AFTER his speech.

JC, the scary part is the performance theater is strategic in its goal, for the attention, ckicks and then to use to fund raise, and it works. There are a lot of people who applaud and financially reward this behavior, so they keep doing it and this applies to both parties.

Pelosi needs to go too. She is an embarrassment as well. Her expiration date is up and her privileged act has worn completely thin on me.


I don’t understand why the Dems brought her back for a second go round.


I assume this was not the first SOTU speech that you watched when this happened?
Be genuine and admit that she did this on purpose especially the way she did it.
Do you all think this is the first time that it happened. Do a quick search. It happened quite a few times.

Not once did biden own what happened in Afghanistan. This would have been the perfect setting to admit that the exit did not go as planned. Remember friends to this day quite a few parents have not even received a phone call from him.
Politicians can talk all they want. Actions speak better than words.

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Sure, that makes all the difference. You equate that disrespect as a lesser evil tells me all I need to know.

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Heckling Biden while he’s talking about his dead son is the same as tearing up paper after a speech? OK. Sure.


Heckling Biden at the moment they did and in the manner they did is pretty low class.

Can they at least show some respect?


I assume this was not the first SOTU speech that you watched when this happened?