Researchers at the University of Houston have developed a fentanyl vaccine


The research team was led by:

I wonder how many people will question this vaccine?

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As long as it ain’t mandated in blanket fashion, I don’t think there’s an issue with this one! Ha

I’ll question it until it goes through additional trials.

Sounds too good to be true, but if it works, it would be a huge help.

I’d get my son vaccinated.

Like MMR?

Come rtcoog…. You know me by now

I already told you I support mandates for MMR, hepatitis and smallpox

Then your comment doesn’t make much sense. That was mandated in blanket fashion.

I’m fine with them because they’re proven vaccines

So is covid but fine.

So you’re also good with this fentanyl vax once it’s proven?

Stop this conversation now it never ends well

I like you because you owned a limp bizket album

Just tying to understand the logic.

COVID is definitely not proven. Don’t even argue this rtcoog

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I moved on to fentanyl. Once proven, mandate is ok?


For people who are addicted to fentanyl or bought cocaine / Xanax that was laced with fentanyl

Not sure how that could be mandated. It would be hard to put any teeth to it, so to speak.

Goddang lot of coke heads in this thread

We like to party.

I believe the homeless are getting wrecked… i dont think this one is intended for your five year old.

Although, i gotta learn more about these antibody secreting T-cells. Gotta love hot take articles.

I thought candy was laced with it and being given to kids…it was horrible at halloween isnt that what Fox news was pushing? :wink:


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