Returning to the Final Four?

I looked this up, to see how rare it is. Turns out, this is fairly common (as we know from our own history).

Nine in Row
UCLA 67-75

Five in Row
Duke 88-92

Three in a Row
Houston 82-84
UNC 67-69
Mich St 99-01
Ohio St 44-46, 60-62
San Fran 55-57

Two in a Row
UCLA 64-65
Houston 67-68
UNC 81-82, 08-09, 16-17
Kansas 52-53, 02-03
Mich St 09-10
Louisville 82-83, 12-13
Kentucky 48-49, 96-97, 11-12, 14-15
Florida 06-07
Oklahoma St 45-46
UNLV 90-91
Duke 63-64
Illinois 51-52
Arkansas 94-95
Georgetown 84-85
Holy Cross 47-48
LaSalle 54-55
Cal 59-60
Iowa 55-56
Wisconsin 14-15
Cincy 59-60
Butler 10-11
Michigan 64-65
Maryland 01-02

Since 1945, there is a 58% chance that at least one school makes a repeat appearance in the Final Four. It hasn’t happened since 2017, so we are overdue to see at least one repeat school from last year…

PS At Oklahoma, Coach Sampson almost did it. Followed up his Final Four with a trip to the Elite 8.


Hopefully we’ll become a Final Four participant for years to come.

Between recruiting and the transfer portal we’ll be nationally competitive for the next several years.

But, the time will come where getting to the FF is not enough…we’re going to need to win the NC.

Just saying.

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The way CKS gets his teams bought in and hustling I can see us going back. It’s incredible to watch them on the defensive side. I watch other games and it feels like other teams play d in slow motion. I’m
So used to the Coogs being everywhere on d and on the glass.

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The difference between the Hofstra game and the UVA game was insane.

If we don’t go back this year, we are for sure going back next year.

so in UH history we have always repeated a final four appearance the year following an initial final four appearance


Yes we have.

No “ One and Dones”.

Just enjoy the ride guys and be happy we have a chance to make a final four most years.
But remember there are probably 15-20 teams who feel the same.


Robert let CKS worry about how many we can afford.

Agreed thats why I absolutely love March madness…its the most exciting and brutal sporting event IMHO