Revenge for Speculation on Herman's Future

Just FYI, starting today I’m keeping an eye on Twitter for people saying Herman will absolutely leave UH after this year. I’m going to compile a list of such tweets and tweet-shame these people mercilessly when CTH signs his extension here. And if he leaves, I will quietly dispose of said list. Anyway, if you see anything that you want me to add to the list, PM me here with the link or @ me on Twitter @TyCamp.

Here is entry No. 1:


Since when did Jaws know anything about sports?


Ahhh…They make it sound like if we’re a Division II or FCS school

Because the XII are incompetent/cowards, we suddenly can’t compete with the P5. Fancy that twisted logic.

Can’t wait to respond to this one:

Warning to OP, even in the event that Herman signs a new deal, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll stay. So, tailor your trolling appropriately.


I can’t imagine he would sign an extension and still leave this year. I’m fully aware he may leave the following year, but I’m targeting people who are saying he will definitely leave this year. No promises about the future beyond for sure.

He could easily sign an extension, and then take a better deal else where at the end of this season. Happens all the time.

I know that’s possible, but I don’t think CTH would do that. He strikes me as being a man of his word. If he thinks better offers will flood in after the season ends, he’ll wait to sign an extension until he’s satisfied he’s seen everything he needs to see. CTH is not Todd Graham.


Asshole fans… lmao! I might in reality call us a couple of things but asshole is not one of them. Even if I was to be critical, it would still be better than “Memphis fan”. Butt hurt much, Scott!!!

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First there was this…

Then there was this…

And then the rest followed…

There was also this from the knucklehead…

I’m still pissed about Brien Straw using UGA Insider as a source.

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Then we have “alleged” Coog fans tweeting crap like this directly at CTH:

If I were CTH, I would block all my mentions except for recruits I’m following. This kind of stuff has to piss him off greatly.

I am pretty sure Herman is no Toad.

My eternal memory of Memphis will their goon assistant coach or athletic staffer baiting our crowd from behind their bench last year as they built the lead. I’ve experienced crap from fans and such but never from a coach. Made the ending very satisfying.


Sorry to see this tweeter scrap on UH board. You are giving a reason for these tweets to exist. Interested in member opinions, not tweeter nim-wits.

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Him doing it wouldn’t make him like Graham. If he’s making $2.8 mil now, and we renegotiate at $4 mil, it raises the postseason opening offers across the board.

I was on the field about To go on for half time that game when they hurt Greg ward (intentionally from what I could tell) I had to sit there and watch their players cheer and high five and hug and high five coaches while they watched Greg roil in pain on the field. Had it not been for two of my band mates holding me I’d probably be dead on the sideline after trying to take on one of their linemen and the rest of those classless goons. By far my least favorite team and fan base in all of FBS.

Very similar to the water girl from Tulsa last game.

And this guy…

Well, you know, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of threads just on the football board here. If you don’t like this topic, feel free to ignore this one little thread.

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