Reverse mirror map for ABC/ESPN2 coverage

Essentially, the Big 12 area gets our game on ABC, and the rest of the country gets it on ESPN2. The rest of the country gets NC State-Florida State on ABC.


Not the map I was hoping for.

Testing the market I hope.

At least the game is on ABC in our prime recruiting areas.


I would have thought that two teams so interesting as future PAC 12 teams would get exposure out west.


It’s still a national audience. All folks out west and back east have to do is change the channel. Even cord cutters get the ESPN networks.
Side note: I’m surprised there aren’t more “over the air” games broadcast. With networks struggling to get people to watch things Live you’d think they would pick up a few more games.


I am in Ohio and have checked my watch ESPN app and our game is not on ESPN3, 2 or any other ESPN channel. I assume because it is on ABC. This is the first game in several years I have not been able to watch UH over the internet or a cable channel. I am really pissed that one of our 2 “P5” games is not available. The Rice blow out was on ESPN3 but not TT! Very frustrating.

Buy some bunny ears for your TV.


I just checked the ESPN web site and it shows UH TT on ABC, ESPN2, and Watch ESPN. Since you are in Ohio you should be able to watch it on ESPN2.

Correct. If it is on ESPN2 or ABC, it is on WatchESPN.

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Not even in N’Olinns.

OK I don’t know what happened but now I see the game on ESPN3 at noon. Don’t know how I missed it. But at lease I do feel better:)

Yeah, that one’s particularly weird. Especially since we’re on in Baton Rouge. It seems like they specifically carved New Orleans out of Louisiana for this.

It’s a strange split…

So many people have no idea they could be watching local tv in Hd for free with antenna



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