Review: “The Iron Claw”

Just streamed in this Von Erich family raaaaasslin’ biopic on Max last night.

People who are familiar with the rasslin’ highlights, numerous suicides, and other tragedies surrounding that family will remember some of the events portrayed. There were cameo appearances by Gino Hernandez, Ric Flair, and Bruiser Brody characters.

The story is mostly told from Kevin Von Erich’s point of view, as the lone survivor.

For UH fans, there is one scene where Kerry Von Erich (who threw the discus at UH) practices his event while wearing a red “Houston Track” cutoff shirt.

I was surprised to learn in the opening credits that this was actually a BBC film, given its Texas oriented subject matter.

This might explain why British actress Lily James (of “Downton Abbey” and “Cinderella” fame) was cast as the movie’s love interest. She does a really over the top Texan accent during the film, but plays a likable character.

Not sure how true to life this was, but if it is an accurate portrayal, then one thing is for sure. Fritz was a TERRIBLE Father.

It was a little weird seeing some guys that had huge physiques being played by puny actors, but at least they got in shape for the parts. Zac Efron with a mop top hairdo …… THAT was funny!

There are some continuity gaps that may make the film a bit slow and difficult to follow, but for people of my age that grew up watching this stuff on Saturdays, it’ll be a trip through memory lane!


It was well done but overly simplified because it had to be. As bad as it looked, the story was even more tragic.

For example, there was another brother that committed suicide that was left out of the movie. They also condensed Kerry’s injury and troubles.

Such a sad story all around.


Yep Chris Von Erich and the reason from a fans perspective this film is recieving a bad rap.


This was a movie :movie_camera: I was excited to see.
As RT said it was pretty simplified or it would have. Even 4 hours long.

I enjoyed the movie and thought it was well done….but I will say it’s one of those movies I don’t ever want to see a second time.
It’s such a sad story for multiple reasons.

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Tragic and for a diehard THEN (not now) such as myself, it was even more horrid living it week in & week out back when it all transpired.

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