Revised Season Predictions Post Game 1

I was wondering if anyone’s season’s prediction changed after we actually saw the on-field product.

I originally set the floor at 10 wins. Barring drastic improvement on the O-Line and better coverage in the secondary, I see @TT as a probable loss, and @SMU and @ECU as toss ups, which we might split. Kansas, Rice, Temple, Tulsa, and USF at home should be wins.

I think it will be a struggle to get to 10 wins, but it is still doable. Under the circumstances and after what we saw yesterday, 8-4 is just as possible as 12-0.


Who knows man! I think you predicted 7-5 last year after are opening loss lol


This was one of the four toughest games on our slate. The others being @Tech, @SMU, and @ECU. So winning it in week 1 is a major step towards our goals. Especially given the other results from around the country. Our win today was easily the best win by a G5 team in week 1. We have some areas of concern (biggest one for me is containing the mobile QB) but if nothing else, today confirmed in my mind that we have the best QB in the AAC leading our team. I think we’re gonna be fine.


Tech is going to be tough, very doubtful we win, unless major improvements, O-line is going to get Tune killed, need better blocking up front

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It’s Week 1, fam. Chilllllllll outtttttttttt

No way were a top 12 team but were a top 25. Ill guess UH goes 9-3. Hopefully im wrong.

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You make your most improvements between game 1 and game 2. I think if we beat Tech, which we can, we could go undefeated.

The talent was there yesterday, it just was very underperforming.

Plus UTSA is a good team and we were on the road.

I said 12-0…and I meant 12-0…
Get on board the train Baby !!!