Rice announces expansion plan

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Rice will still be rice bc that are an expensive private school and their grads don’t care as much about athletics but hats off for trying. They should at least be 9k like Notre Dame. 4 k or so was way too low.

Increasing enrollment is a good thing Rice is doing. This and UH enrollment increases debunks the need for a 5th university in Houston.



This is great for the city of Houston as long as they don’t sacrifice their academic standards and prestige. Texas has a dearth of great schools for the pop size and overall wealth. We don’t want the current ones to decline, we want more state support for those state schools with great potential like UH and others.


Waiting for a thread that reads Rice announces expansion plan to the AAC after a UH invitation to the ACC :slightly_smiling_face:


Rice needs more professional schools. Law, medical, etc.

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It doesn’t need a law school.

We don’t need the local competition.


Ruck Fice

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The administrations at the Big 10 schools are very tight and they share research etc.

What is our relationship with Rice like?

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The chronicle says they are going from 7500 to 9000 students which includes all students so it’s not as big a jump as I thought. I thought they were going from 4K ish to 9k.

20% increase with an 9% acceptance rate. Roughly 17k more applications. This explains why they are advertising on national radio. 'Was surprised hearing the commercial.


I seriously doubt right now that Rice is even on deck for the AAC. If we get called up, I think USM, UAB, UTSA and UNT are all ahead of Rice in line right now.

If you look at it only from a football athletic point of view you are correct.

If you look at it from general athletics pov, they have had good baseball in the
past when Graham was in his prime. They could be decent in basketball with
Just a few recruits. And you can’t argue about their academics or endowment.

So, if you wanted to build academic prestige around the athletic affiliations, they
would make sense as an add. Personally, I wasn’t aware of B1G members also
joined at the hip academically too. PAC also has some very stout academic members,
but I’m unaware how the conference members interact academically.

Rice is one of the few schools of its calibur (AAU, non-Ivy league but highly selective private schools) that does not have a law or medical school. The only ones I can think of are all STEM heavy institutions:

Carnegie Mellon

Most of the other schools of Rice’s stature (Duke, Chicago, Northwestern, NYU, Stanford) have two of the three big professional schools: law, medicine or business. Most have all three.

Ironically, now that UH has a medical school it probably shuts down Rice’s ability to get one. However this could create more opportunities for UH and Rice to collaborate on research. That would be great for both us and for the City of Houston.


A couple questions on this:

  1. Would Rice be subject to the state government’s approval process if they decided they did want to start a medical school? I imagine the rules are different for them given that they’re private.

  2. Rice could still acquire an already-existing med school like BCM, right? I know that was explored a couple of years back.

In the state I’m employed, private colleges/universities are required to submit applications and meet basic state pedagogical requirements and standards for academic programming. Among other reasons, it’s done to ensure schools are meeting regional accreditation standards to protect students/families. Not sure about Texas.

Rice is an outlier - they don’t draw well and have slipped in their prestigious sport to where they are irrelevant

They’ve found their niche and that’s women’s sports as they can get a high level female player with rice grades much easier than a male.

They also don’t who they want to be as they’ve tried to copy Duke, Purdue, Stanford, northwestern