Rice City champs


Thanks Dana


question - would UH fans have made t-shirts had we beaten Rice?

answer - no.

…but we still lost to Rice which is unacceptable…


I believe it was Dave Maggard who once said, “we should never lose to Rice… in anything.”


Not gonna lie, that one smarts. I hope they keep it up. I hope they post something new every day, and I hope Tilman and Pez and every decision maker associated with the program sees it when they close their eyes at night.


I would totally buy a shirt if they put “We owned Dana Holgersen” as a slogan across the front.


Houston Christian must feel left out.

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Buy some and send them to Renu and Pezman and Fertitta.


Next year Rice can play TSU and HCU for the mythical Houston City FB Champs title.
UH grows up and becomes a competitive P4 team playing for the BIG12 title. UH turns around this year with 40+ transfer portal players. This happens after going 2-10 this season and hoping for our first BIG12 win in 2024.
I am being sarcastic.

Unfortunately UH was 2-9 in the last year in the SWC. But they did end a 2 game losing streak to Rice. Won last game ever played in the SWC, UH 18 Rice 17.

Let’s hope we don’t end our first BIG12 season like we ended our last SWC season.

Let Rice have their fun. It’s harmless smack talk.

Play them, beat them, leave the trophy on the field. Deuces!


Kudos to Rice! They did a good job at not sucking and deserve to have their acknowledgement of not sucking.

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Rice may wind up with more wins against teams from inside the 610 loop than UH has in total.

If I were a Rice fan, I’d wear the crap out of that.

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This guy isn’t impressed at all.

Says “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that shirt.”

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