Rice Game time

Why is the Rice game at 5 instead of 7 ?

So we would have something other than Dana to complain about


The game is on ESPN+. Maybe this was the only start time available. I don’t know about ESPN+ scheduling. Most game times are established by the network televising the game.

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Actually, I wasn’t aware that ESPN + had “game times”.

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So far it’s 5pm but check on sat to be sure.

Rice has D&D tournament starting at 9:30?


ESPN+ Doesn’t set times - it’s streaming

Exactly. We are lucky to have a game we control the kickoff time and we chose 5 pm in September. It’s gonna be 93 tomorrow at 5 pm.

It’ll still be hot at 7 but the sun won’t be blasting the stadium.

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If you start at 7:00 the students leave in the 3rd qtr to get ready to go clubbing.

So people are forced to eat cold hot dogs and warm beer.

All 500 of them.

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