Rice over Arkansas at the half

10:28 in the third, Rice up by 10

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Tulane has a great day after a really hard week.
And now Rice! Would like to see how they are handling the Kendall Briles’ offense.

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Isnt Rice another patsie on our schedule?


Rice walloped a ranked Marshall last year. Their new coach is legit

Pigs only have 7 and the offense looked pretty lame from what I have seen


Yeah, just like Tulane. :smile:


I’ll give you credit Mike. You kept trying to tell everyone that you have know idea what the other Teams have done to improve themselves. All these Teams the Coogs are supposed to pancake just bc of their name. Beauty of College Sports.


Are you guys really trying to spin Rice playing Arkansas a tight game as proof that our schedule isn’t weak? This is what teams on our schedule have done so far:

UConn- 45-0 L to Fresno, 38-28 L to Holy Cross (FCS)
Temple- 61-14 L to Rutgers
USF- 45-0 L to NCST
ECU- 33-19 L to App St.
Tulsa- 19-17 L to UC Davis (FCS)
Tulane- 40-35 L to OU
Rice- 38-17 L to Ark
Navy- 49-7 L to Marshall

Games yet to be played:
Memphis vs Nicholls (FCS)
SMU vs Abilene (FCS)
UH vs Tech

That doesn’t mean we can’t still go out and lose a bunch of games this year but empirically speaking, this schedule is 2-ply soft.

At least we have two ply.

I still have covid single ply, just like last years season.

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If we beat Tech, I’ll play Rice plus the number first half against UH.