Rice played nearly flawless

I thought that Rice played nearly flawless during the first half. I don’t remember hardly any mistakes, such as penalties, turnovers, bad play calling. Kudos to Rice and let’s root for them to win out.


Flawless like 3 missed FGs and and INT inside their own 15?

They played hard. Made some tough catches and good throws in tough spots. I thought their d-line played very tough.

I really question why they didn’t go for more 4th downs later in the game instead of kicking long fgs. Maybe their kicker has been solid in practice.

That Tramell kid is pretty good.


Yep, I am going to give a Rice some credit. They played hard and tough. Their QB was awesome, picked our secondary apart. Rice will win some games this year.


I will take the “under” on the number of Rice wins this year.

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Tramelll is good. Saw him play at Klein HS and happy to see him having some success at Rice. I also liked their coaching hire. I think he will turn things around there.

Good opening day opponent for us to work out some kinks on both sides of the ball.


Root for Rice?
Let me tell you something. The older fans of us know who Rice is, how they feel, what they did to us for years and what they STILL would do if they could. Go ask Coach Yeoman to root for them and see what HE tells you!! They hate us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They hate who we are, and are openly contemptuous of what we are. Why do you think they had a thousand students at yesterdays game? You think they will be at any other games? They wont…
They deliberately raised ticket prices and parking for just this game because they knew a lot of Houston people would be there…You think other Rice opponents pay 42 dollars for a ticket and 10 dollars to park?
I hope they lose every game they play from now until they drop sports.
Whats next? Are you going to ask Longhorn fans to root for the Aggies to win out?


I didn’t say I was getting an owl tattoo’d on my back!

Kind of like when Vince Young went to Austin. I saw him play at Madison and was happy for the kid’s success. Didn’t mean I bought season tickets to the whorns.

I am well aware of Rice and other Texas school’s subterfuge towards our dear University. I hope we never join a power conference with any other Texas school. They are not rivals, they don’t care one bit about us. Pac12, ACC or anywhere else but if possible.

But I can still be happy for a kid’s success

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They had a turnover and 4 penalties in the 1st half.

King can zip it! Going to be a fun year!

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I know that younger guys don’t know about the derision that UH has endured over the decades. I don’t want to look like an ass, but I have to agree with you. Screw em. Same for tu, am, baylor, etc.


I totally agree but we need to understand and accept that all those schools hate us too and wouldn’t do anything for us. I’m OK with that!

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Love it! Why I love CFB! Go Coogs!

UH probably took them lightly as well. Considering they were facing Arizona the following week.

Rice QB was really good, as my buddy at the game pointed out, he coolly stood back in the pocket and picked apart our secondary like shooting fish in a barrel. I know he had an interception early in game, but from replay on screen it looked like it was tipped at the line, can’t be sure though. They also have really good place kicker and punter.

As far as rooting for or against RU for rest of season, I really don’t care one way or another. With regard to players, they’re just kids that are talented and want to play FB. So I won’t have any negative feelings towards them; just hope none of them get hurt playing ball.

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No pressure on QB last year and none Saturday, with Orlando we pressed the QB all the time

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I remember the Rice QB being run out of bounds by a lineman, and I also remember a couple of almost hurries. Seems to me he was getting the ball out relatively quickly . . . . . then again, my memory is not the best


Yea he got rid of the ball very quickly. If they held it for more than a couple of seconds the pressure would get there.

Deliberately raising prices because they knew a lot of Houston fans would be there is basic economics.


I hope they do well because it helps out SoS. But root for them? Me rooting for them has absolutely zero effect on the outcome of their season, so to heck with that!

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