Rice presents to Big12 Presidents

Thoughts on this? Did anyone know that they were doing this for the Big12?

SHSU BEARKATS will be next to present. 12,000 seats Bower Stadium may be issue. I digress!!

The Owls and everyone else that’s column fodder know that they don’t have a realistic chance, but what they really want is feedback from the Big12 about what gaps they need to fill in order to become an attractive P5 expansion candidate in the future.

Very similar to the advice UH received that its been acting on which has us perfectly positioned for this round of Big12 expansion.

My thoughts? This thread is going to turn into a competition among CoogFans to see who is the best amateur comedian. Let the humor begin!

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They may be using the Big 12 to practice a soon-coming pitch to the American.

Rice’s pitch to the Big 12:

  1. Academics
  2. Houston area without stealing your recruits
  3. Plenty of room for your fans to buy tickets
  4. No longer have to pay us for an easy victory
  5. We can lose to Kansas if you want, it’s ok, we don’t care
  6. Seriously, we’re completely non-threatening

Not to mention the non-Texas schools couldn’t give a bigger slap in the face to UT than to force Rice down their throats.

7.We can immediately compete in baseball.

Trump U has applied too - The Orangemen claim they will make the Big12 great again.

University of Pheonix online too - they figure they already have an NFL stadium so why not.

The Big12-4+2 has become the laughing stock of the country; and they have done that to themselves, with no help from anyone else! I guess all this does serve one useful purpose for them: the talk of Baylor has been reduced.

Heard they brought all their fans in for the teleconference to show support. They had to add a couple chairs, so it was a little tight, but apparently it went well.

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The Rice presentation lost the audience when it started explains through quantum physics why it was the best candidate.

All the big 12 is doing is trying to get the networks to throw more money at them… and hopefully money will keep ou and texas instead of watering down the conference

Look, I dont fault these schools like Rice, ECU, SMU, etc. from presenting to the Big XII. If there’s a chance, whether it’s less than 1% or 99%, there’s a chance.

“So you’re saying there’s a chance???”

I am all for all these schools being able to make their case for inclusion to the Big12. Some of them have little to no chance to be selected but that doesn’t mean they should be excluded from the discussion. How many people here would have killed for the opportunity to make a presentation to be included to the Big12 back in 2010-2011 during realignment. We wouldn’t have had a chance in hell compared to TCU, WVU, BYU, Louisville, Cinci and UCF. Now here we are 5 years later and our fans think no one else should be considered outside UH, Cinci and BYU

I don’t see anyone saying they should be excluded…why are you putting everyone down for nothing? I see people making jokes about it, just like the fans of schools who had a chance in 2010-2011 would have made about us…so I’m not sure what you’re complaining about.

I hear ya. I know why Rice is presenting, why not? I know whyB12 is listening, no stone unturned. But can you imagine any of the other P5 interviewing all 20 of these programs?

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