Rice studhub tickets

Just a little heads up. If you haven’t been to a Rice game before, don’t buy tickets in the first 10 rows or so. It might seem like a good deal to pay 5 to 10 bucks more to sit that close, but those seats are so low compared to the height of the field, you can’t see the close sideline wherever players are standing.

Obviously you will get a chance to move back with the stadium half empty but no need to pay the extra price before you do so.


Or buy those tickets cheap as prices fall before game and head straight to GA seats… but looks like GA are already at 30 via Rice and likely to fall further in secondary market.

Upper bowl is 25 on Ticketmaster site. My guess is that is what wall up pricing will be.

I truly detest Ticketmaster. Their fees pretty much double the ticket prices.

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I just checked stubhub and the lowest ticket is $39!! I was expecting $10…

Maybe the game will have a good crowd after all??

Studhub? Are you sure you’re looking in the right place? :grinning:

Agreed but the 30 price probably sets the bar for the walk up pricing at the stadium.

Lol, probably find some of you guys there for sale

Just got sent this promo from StubHub…

“Now is the time for college football! :stadium:️ Use code BLITZ10 in app by 9/2 and get 10% off NCAA :football: tickets.”

Haven’t tried it and have no idea if it is user account specific, but worth a shot.

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Check out the price at checkout. Much different than the price they list.

I usually wait til the early morning of the game and the tickets on Stub hub will drop to around $10 if somebody has quite a few left to sell, they are willing to take what they can get. Worked well for me last season.


i got 2 row tickets uggg

this is rice we are talking about, i am walking up to window on gameday


You might be confused on the purpose of this thread. I doubt anyone is using stubhub or ticketmaster to avoid a sellout.