Rice Tickets

I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed but I have 4 tickets to the Rice game. Section 103 second row on the aisle. I have a family emergency and have to go out of town so we can’t use them. Comes with a parking pass and I’m asking $35 a piece.

If you arent charging more than face value, I don’t see why it would be against any rules.

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“103, 103, 103, 103”

People who sit in that section will understand.

Yep, have no problems with folks trying to sell tickets for, at most, face value. Would rather have Coogs in those seats instead of forcing folks to Stubhub or other similar sites.

I believe face value is actually 40. So we choose to do 5 bucks less

103 103 103!

Deza sorry to hear about the family emergency. 103 will miss you, we are in row 4, 5, and 6.

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Likewise! I’m going to try to make a new 103 sign for tech.

Are the sections above students 238 etc… still GA or are they assigned seats now.

Thanks for letting me post this. They’ve sold. Enjoy the game everyone! I’ll be watching jealously from Mexico!

Deza, just make sure who ever has them has to chant 103! With us. Safe travels.

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Assigned. They did away with GA in the stadium this year.