I am watching them on tv. Not bad looking. We could be in for a long season…

That was a heads up flip for 2 points by qb. Crowd looks decent too. Louisiana probably brought 5-7k.

I was expecting to make the playoffs. I’d like to never lose!! Lol

Lose that one I’m good with the kickoff tee guy being named interim coach the rest of the season


Don’t look pass Rice, the worm will turn one day

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:rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

Oh please ya’ll. This is RICE. Let’s not try to elevate them to something they are not. If we would lose to Rice we would have some major issues. I can’t even believe we’re talking about them. Look to win BIG against them.

Today Rice beat a team that was 13-1, won the Subelt, and ranked higher than us last season by 12 points. We should win but we better not take them lightly.


I see this as a chance to once again post: Sumlin was 2-2 against Rice.

CKS also had two 10 win seasons in 4 years. Name the last UH coach to do that?


If the team that played today shows up we could easily lose to Rice and if that happens the wheels will officially be off and this season will be pretty much a dumpster fire.


I have to agree with this. However, I reserve the right to make Rice jokes regardless on the field performance!


It’s an opportunity for us to put things in the right direction

Doc I have bad FB headache, here’s a perscription for some Rice to make it go away. Take it to your nearest FB stadium to fill it

Hope Gabe Taylor pops off, really want to see him blow up and transfer here and take that #21 Jersey (sophmore DB)

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I’m going to make fun of Sumlin any chance I get. Didn’t think people would still be defending him. Case and two great OCs get the majority of the credit for those teams. If Case was QB right now Dana would be on the way to back to back 10+ win seasons…


I wouldn’t take anyone left on our schedule lightly after seeing the total lack of coaching preparation and in game adjustments ( even with 2 halftimes).

Looked as if they didn’t have any film on Kansas. Just how many times are you going to let the QB run around the end for big gains.

Well, at least we didn’t allow Belk to get snatched up by another team.

Who the hell is the OC !! Give him another piece of paper so he can write down more than 3 plays…… assuming he knows more than 3 plays !


The offense has now arrived at a Helton like predictability.


Is CDH to reincarnation of CCD of Basketball fame ? ? ? ? ?