Rickey Green, Texas City

Got word he’s coming as a PWO. If he had attended camps he’d have offers. 6’1" long fast corner/returner/RB.


Highlight film shows some good coverage and hitting.


Welcome Mr. Green … looking forward to seeing you play.

Go Coogs!

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Looking at the videos I like his awareness, instincts, reaction time, and he KNOWS how to tackle! He’ll be a starter by his sophomore season.

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Needs to gain weight. He’s skinny

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I noticed that. They said he was six feet and only 155.

That said, on some of those tackles, he sure packs a wallop for someone that size!

Get that kid some Joe Weider protein shakes.

He’s 6’1" and close to 165. Sill skinny

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Why didn’t he attend camps?

Maybe he had to work, I don’t know.


Just a bit. lol

I like his “eyes”. He reads plays well on either offense or defense. His coverage and running decisions stand out for me. Welcome Mr. Green.