Riley Kugel Florida

Has us as one of four teams in the portal. He would be a nice fit but my Gator folks say he’s a little of a head case.

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If so, he may not pass the CKS test.

Just because he may be interested in us doesn’t mean CKS is interested in him.


*may no longer.

I have no clue as to who CKS is interested in. I just know that if a guy doesn’t fit our culture he most likely doesn’t meet what CKS is looking for.

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Coach will make the decision. Jarreau wasn’t a choir boy when he came here.


You don’t need to be a choir boy to fit our culture, but you do need to be a team first, relentless, hard worker that’s tough enough to be coached hard. The rest our staff can fix. If I remember correctly, Rob Williams (one of my all time favorites of the CKS era) was a bit of a head case when he got here.

There is an entire back and forth on this player in transfer portal thread.

Not trying to be a jerk but this guy is definitely not worth his own thread.