RIP Alton Ford

Screw cancer right in the ear.

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fsck you cancer! Lost my dad to cancer. Thoughts and prayers to Alton’s family and friends.

Damn you cancer! Thoughts and prayers to his family.

Wow, this is sad. So young :worried::weary:. He was the number one player in the nation after his junior year. He came through the HS ranks after Rashard Lewis.

Same class as TJ Ford, Brian Boddicker and Daniel Ewing. Clyde’s first year!

I was at the ABCD Adidas tournament in New Jersey and got to meet Alton. Certainly a very chill guy. The key takeaways were how closely Boddicker was watching all the stats to see how he was doing. Alton was always coming out on top without being worried about others’ performance.

TJ really liked the Coogs but the consensus was that Alton was only staying one year with Clyde and sure enough. First season for Clyde and Rick Barnes as coaches.

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Wow…just saw that they were doing a fundraiser for him recently.

Rest In Peace Alton.

Way too young. So sad.

Clyde quit before Alton got to campus. He thought about asking out of his commitment and ended up coming to UH anyway. He butted heads with Ray McCallum and was suspended a couple times, but the last 10 games of that season he really played well. I hoped he would come back for another season he could have moved up to the first round, but he decided to declare and bounced around the league for a few years. Its sad for someone so young to lose the battle with cancer.


Rest in peace Sir.
Prayers to his entire family and friends.

Arguably the last GREAT HS big man in the Houston area. He was like SHAQ at Milby. Ridiculous power in an NBA frame as a teenager.

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Really sad. I played against him in high school. The name “Gentle Giant” is so true. He was absolutely massive but a very quiet kind hearted person. Working in the cancer field and knowing him the way I do, really sad and shocking news. Rest In Peace and God Bless.

Google Search Link: Solomon: Alton Ford was a sight to behold on the basketball court - Google Search

Ford, a McDonald’s All-American, was a four-year starter – which was very unusual at a powerhouse like Milby – and left the storied program as its all-time leader in points, rebounds and blocks. One of the top recruits in the country, he signed with the University of Houston, but spent just one season there then declared for the draft.

He had an NBA game, but could have used some more seasoning before making the jump.

Ok, wow. I remember a Clemson player telling TJ to go to Texas because they Rick Barnes was a great coach.

With McCallum and Ford, maybe that was like what could’ve happened with House and Sampson.