RIP Mojo Nixon

Oh no!!! That dude was so much fun. I had a group of friends that would go see him every time he came to town. It was a party. He would come out and drink with folks at the bar after his set. I went to one of his shows straight from a UH/UCONN game. He signed my ticket stub.

I’m actually surprised there is somebody else here who has heard of him. I’m also surprised he made it to 66.


Gonna miss that booger eating moron on Sirrius. In fact, he has a recording on Sirrius saying he’s on the Outlaw Country cruise.

Went out the way he wanted.



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@TEXREG that’s the song I think of mostly when it comes to Mojo Nixon.

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I saw him a few times; solo, with The Toadliquors, and with The Pleasure Barons. Now he can team up with Country D i c k Montana again.

I can hear CDM telling him, “You’re as old as you are ugly, you crappy guitar playing Ralph Macchio wannabe!.”

My favorite Mojo quote: “NASCAR…three hours of watching rednecks turn left!”

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