I was working in San Antonio at the time. Remember the news that UH was going to CUSA. I thought, well maybe its not so bad since some were saying its a strong basketball conference. Then, reality set in…

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Last game.




I was there at Rice Stadium for the FB game and then went to The Hof for the BB game. One of the football players, Otis Grant, also played in both games that day.


The Big 12 owns the SWC trademark and inventory. They could theoretically bring back the SWC if they wanted to.

Edit: Nvm, Big 12 doesn’t own the trademark anymore, its legally up for use.

Screw them all…


Why should they? UH, SMU and Rice should have the rights. These three did not leave. TCU I did not count since they are part of the Cartel now.

uta, atm got what they wanted all along.

The best way to keep us down was to either have the ncaa impose probation on us or get us out from a P5.

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Before my time, but that would have been a fun conference to be in, although you can see why it failed.

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I and a buddy were at the game as well. Beautiful afternoon, great game. I still have the program. I live in Austin and have heard, several times over the years, that the UT-AM game was the last SWC game played. If you recall, the Coog/Rice kickoff was intentionally delayed 17 minutes so as to make sure the Horns and Ags had completed their earlier game. Austin is a nice city, but when it comes to UT it is about three hundred square miles surrounded by reality.


We were doing fine keeping ourselves down, thank you. From '91-'95, five years, our record was 12-42, and attendance was horrific. Schools like Rice, SMU, and TCU weren’t much, if any, better. It was perfectly understandable for Texas and A&M to want to move to greener pastures.


Sam is correct. After Arkansas left, texas and ATM were carrying the conference. The only time the dome had a pulse was when we were playing them.

They were right to leave and we didn’t deserve to go because we did not have shi uh our house in order.


Those SWC days were unique in so many ways. Just a handful of bowl games and we were relevant even though we had the most deficient facilities in the league. If we didn’t have a home game or were making the trip to an out of town game you could listen to Kern Tips on the radio on Saturday afternoon while working in your yard or garage. The tailgating at the Dome wasn’t IMO much to talk about but if you could afford it or your firm could you had a suite with ready refreshments. Downtown, at the courthouse, we had alums among the judges and lawyers who on Monday were always anxious to talk about our latest wins.
All the Cougar lawyers walked tall.


Our administration was sleeping at the wheel also expecting get in as a state school and we got smoked by the help of a politician favoring his state and private universities (TT & Baylor).


Keep ignoring the probation pushed/orchestrated by uta and atm. For the same infractions we almost got the death penalty. atm and uta got a slap on the wrist. Go ahead keep defending them.

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A&M got probation as much as UH. We can always blame others when the real blame lies at our doorstep. Our athletic administration was chaotic and feckless for a decade. That was the problem.


And the fans. Fans of texas and ATM don’t go to games based on the opponent, they go to support their team.


That is incorrect and you know it Sam. Why do you keep writing it? Do you have another reason for writing this? It is black and white. U of H almost got the death penalty. atm, your atm (maybe?) got a slap on the wrist. This was never a coincidence.

Your agenda is blinding you to an atrocious administration that did damage to our university.

our enemies only sat back and watched us self destruct.


Do you think our so called self destruction in the early to mid 90’s was the reason for our ncaa probation shortly after we won SWC? You do it every time and you keep ignoring the facts. The biggest mistake we made was to join the SWC. We thought our mutual coaching friendship with uta was going to be a match made in heaven. The uta and atm brass knew they could now control us and surely they did.