Ripple effect?

This is interesting…

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Interesting but let’s see how it plays out!

I hope this happens. I really do.

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That would be incredibly cool.

If he does select a HBCU school, has a successful season and is a one-and-done who is drafted in the top half of the first round, it would signal another viable option for top talent.

Ed Oliver selected UH for a specific reason and he still was drafted in the first round.

I don’t think Williams will select a HBCU school but there is always a first.

The cynic in me expects that the money from Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina will make him be “ten toes” behind the highest bidder.

It sounds good now but economics normally trump good noble feelings.


It was a good read. I think that it would be fantastic for him (and others) to be the trendsetters that he is advocating for; but, in the end, I can easily see him going where the money is. He’ll be dealing with a lot of pressure during his high school years.

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he is only a freshman in high school (years before he decides) and also the #1 prospect…he will never play second of college basketball…

but to the topic if there was a wave to get players into HBCU i dont think it would cause much of a ripple effect…the change would have to come from scheduling. mikey williams in an hbcu isnt going to cause a ripple effect, at seasons end he wouldnt be in the tourney outside of winning their CCG (think charles bassey in at WKU, it made no impact for c-usa and ultimately badly hurt his stock)… if there was ever a real ripple effect, it would have to come from coaches not players…there would have to be a coordinated effort to elevate hbcus with home and homes (would cause better tv money, better chance at upsets, better recruiting, most importantly a real path to good tourney seeds)

In principle, I think it would be a good thing; but just as long as UH can still get the kids we want, I would hate to lose a kid to TSU, or anyone else for that matter. On the other hand, with our current demographic breakdown, is UH considered a predominantly white university? With the combination of white and Hispanic students maybe, but without the Hispanics being added, there are only about 33%.

BTW, being from Louisana, I always think of Hispanic as white and when I moved to Houston was shocked to realize that here in Texas and other states, they aren’t. In south LA Hispanic surnames are common and are not thought of as any different than white – at least when I lived there years ago. As a matter of fact, the term Hispanic was new to me when I came here.

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Our university kicks ass!

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TSU was the Basketball school in Houston in 1994 & 1995 with Kevin Grainger. 1 point from knocking off the 1995 champs. Freshman missed last two Free throws.

Its a Houston tradition to miss FT’s down the stretch in the dance.


Sad, but true. I hope this changes soon.

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It’s true and it’s great!

And it’s true and that’s why it will never happen again.

That’s hilarious to me red80 as my wife is Cajun and her last name is Romero… She didn’t know she was Hispanic until I told her Romero is a Spanish last name… LMFAO!