Looks like he hurt his groin.

I don’t think it is a musculoskeletal rather a testicular thing. Looks like he set a pic and got a fist or forearm


A testicular thing? So, you are saying he took a fist to his junk?

Couldn’t that be helped with a jock strap ?
Need to borrow from the football team.

nuts, cajones, boy took one for his team and kept playing

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The nuts are not the groin

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Yeah I agree, he must have taken a nut shot

Jock strap only keeps stuff close to the body. Better than dangling as they do when the body is hot and sweating. There is more risk without a jock strap.

That said, a direct hit is a direct hit. Players know a rising arm along the inner thigh will result in a direct hit.

Only a cup might help but that hinders movement. I was a catcher and have a story… I didn’t get hit though :grin: Even as a catcher, I did not like them because moving from full squat to throw, they would rub hard against the groin area.

I was doing Karate against a black belt Judo 30 year old when I was around 40. I took 2 direct hits from kicks and although that is a legal kick it is supposed to be held to a “tap”. The ref gave a warning although I didn’t feel it at all. Adrenalin can prevent pain at the risk of serious injury. I asked the ref, not realizing how hard he was kicking why he warned. He said that he has seen cups BREAK from kicks and a nearby coach agreed… I said something like thanks!

I threw 2 beautiful roundhouse kicks to the side of his head that did not even score because I stopped just shy of touching him. Myself kicking him in the groin was not something I considered doing in friendly competition.

I guess Judo is a bit more brutal, idk. I don’t even remember whether I won or not. I just got this stupid yellow belt.