BYU, Oregon, OSU and LSU. (25-15) All four top 100 NET rankings.

131 minutes, 28 assists, 8 turnovers

You’ll be hard press to find 10 point guards in the nation that have a better assist to turnover ratio against tougher competition.


Shaggy with on the spot analysis.


Absolutely loved his leadership on the floor last night. He must have worked his tail off in the off-season. It shows. No way we win the LSU game without him. He has really stepped up his offensive game. His shot is better. His free throw shooting is better. Hand down, Galen is the early season MVP of this team.


Totally agree. This is his team, and they will only go as far as he will take them. So glad to see him want to score as opposed to just running the offense. I wish we had a long ball shooter who was more consistent to go with Brooks and Davis.

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GR3 looking like D. Rose out there in d 2nd Half.

It has to be Ced Alley dis year. He has shown the most potential dis year. Hinton & Jarreau are both flashers with suspect jumpers as of now. Goesling has a jumper, js.

Agree. Need to find a serviceable backup for him like Rob was last year. Too many careless TOs when Robinson exited the game last night. Need Galen to stay healthy and out of foul trouble.

Jerreau will be the backup. He is just super rusty from being injured. You can tell the rest of the team also needs some more playing time to gel with him. A lot of posters thought Jerreau would be the starter this year at PG. He is supposed to be a great driver to the basket.

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Probably the same percentage that think the Earth is flat.


Dude has been a leader since his frosh season.


Thangs gettin crazy out there on the court.

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