Robotics Grant - Help Needed

Hi fellow Coogs,

My daughter, who does plan to attend UH one day as I am trying to bring her up right :), is trying to rack up some votes for her robotics team. If the video she created gets enough votes, her team will win a grant from DOW, which in turn they will use to run more programs for teaching kids about robotics.

The link to vote is here (just scroll down on the page and click VOTE, and also you can vote once every 24 hours)

Side note: Her birthday is this weekend, and I thought it would be a cool surprise to get her a ton of votes, because I’m sure right now she is just thinking about her own attempts to promote the link at her school.

Also, here is a link to what her team’s actual robotics competition looks like: Waco: Students' robots battle at tech competition

As always, Go Coogs, and thanks in advance for helping with the votes.