Rockets attendance

I live out of town. Watching game. Lots of empty seats, lots disguised as fans. Is that the norm these days?

They suck, of course it is.

Rockets or Astros don’t draw well when they aren’t good. Its always been that way. The Texans have been immune to this in their history but its finally catching up to them too.


Houston in some ways becoming like LA concerning sports. Pro or Collegiate. Too many other things people can do with their entertainment dollar. Then watch, none winning sports teams.


I love the Rockets but they are bad. They are a team of teenagers. I really like Kevin Porter Jr but he isn’t a point guard. Jalen Green is fun to watch because of his athleticism but so far (and its very early) he is not a good shooter and his defense is horrible. But he has a few games were he goes off for 20+ points.

But its early and they are 19 years old.

But watching Jalen Green its hard to make the argument that the D-league is a better route than college. Not that he won’t be good, I still think he will be, but he isn’t more developed than a guy coming out of college.

But it is fun to watch them if you don’t have high expectations for a win.

100% agree. The G-League is not a better road for player development than college ball. That whole league is experimental. Early returns on Jalen Green vs Evan Mobley are not favorable for the Rockets.


Rockets are rebuilding. All young kids… They’ll get better and the followers will increase.

Coogs were the same way when Sampson first took over.

Rockets not trying to win except with the young guys doesn’t help the crowd.

I like to go to the games win or lose, because I like to see our young nucleus play. I don’t care about the season or have any expectations. This is the future and it’s fun watching them run up and down the court. However! I hate all the 3 point launching and no interior paint defense!!!

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How’s that 40 win play-off season coming RW?

Duarte should send out a tweet about the poor fan support