Does anyone think the Rockets have a chance against the Lakers? They are rested and huge.

I say yes Rockets in 7. That is just a hope though. They are huge.


If Rockets were 100% healthy they would beat them.

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I love your enthusiasm. The good guys have some serious matchup problems.

Lakers in six barring any injuries or ejections.

You know I believe!!! Go Rockets!!! Lakers will dominate the middle, but Rockets have better shooters and will scorch them. Use an inside /out balance. Don’t necessarily fall in love with the 3.

Nope - the rockets have been for years now - and especially w/ the harden offense -the classic - really good regular season team - really average when they are playing against play-off teams that turn it up a notch in the playoffs. OKC just took them to 7 games (after Rockets built a 2-0 lead) - and it took Harden’s defensive efforts to pull out a 2 point win in game seven… color me suspicious that this team has a chance against the Lakers.

The Lakers can be beat. Unfortunately for the Blazers, they are a 2 man show. The Rockets have more decent players than the Blazers. Lakers Have a good team, but they aren’t as deep as the Clippers. Shut everyone else down, focus on limiting Davis on the inside, and they can be beat. James will be hard to stop. You have to beat a "Super All Star team, but it can be done. OKC is pesky, so don’t fooled that the Lakers are that good because they beat a team they should have beat. This Lakers team would have been killed by those Golden State teams that the Rockets was running into.

They’ve lost the last two years in the playoffs to one of the greatest teams ever assembled. How does that make them average?



Exactly. The Warriors with KD are one of the greatest teams ever and the Rockets are the only team to go toe to toe with them at full or close to full strength, even though the Game 6 loss last year after KD got hurt was tough to take.

Idk if they will beat the Lakers but OKC was a tough matchup because of the wings. Harden looked incredible in the first game when Dort didn’t play and the Lakers have no one like that to harass him. I think they really have a shot based on the matchup. The Clippers are a much worse matchup though so I’m pulling for Denver.

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Should be interesting.

Why are you trying to stir the pot and get this thread shut down if you are watching?

538 actually has the Rockets favored over the Lakers. I don’t buy it, but at least someone believes in 'em.

The Rockets are playing good defense and thats what got them past OKC. I think barring all the Bron bias by refs The Rockets could actually take it in 5.


If Russ can stay under control and the role players can hit shots the rockets have a chance. I just don’t trust them in big games still.


I hope you are right. I think the Rockets can win but if it happens I think it will be in 6 or 7. I would give the Lakers more of a shot to sweep or win in 5 than the Rockets.

Also, how many games did Westbrook miss because he has been injured?

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I think with the way the refs always cheating for the Lakers it is nearly impossible for the Rockets to beat the Lakers in 5! Those refs would never let that happen!

Just on the way LeBron was fouling the heck out of the Rockets on those numerous charging fouls that the refs allowed him to get away with you can see which team the refs are there to help out! Anybody else those charging fouls would be easy calls for charging, but with LeBron the refs counted the basket and awarded him with free throws as well!

If the Rockets win this series they would have to overcome the refs’ bias and have to be that much better than the Lakers!

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Refs are only doing what the networks are telling them to do…”Get LeBron to the finals!”

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James Harden needs to be held at the same level of esteem as anyone in the NBA. In my opinion right now he is the best player.

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