Roster HT/WT 2017 - 2018


Payton Turner gained a ton of weight. He is going to be a beast.


288 might be a little too big if he’s paying outside. But @6’6” he might carry it well.

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Interesting to see if we keep him at weak side, he doesn’t have a ton of get-off.

Agreed. If coaches can teach him to play low then he needs to move inside. That’s a lot of length and running backs would have a hard time running past those long arms. He reminds me a ton of Ufomba Kamalu-can play anywhere on the line.

Carter is listed at 295 and is shorter. It used to be that you wanted length on the outside. Arms aren’t used for the initial hit, shoulder pads are. Arms are used to wrap-up the ball carrier. So arm length doesn’t really come in to play when making the initial hit.

True. However, I do think arm length matters when going up against OTs who have longer arms. It’s a lot harder to get off of blocks once the bigger player gets his hands on you. It all depends on if the End can hand fight and get up field after that. If not, most of the time the Defensive end isn’t going anywhere because he can’t get around them.

Exactly. I think he stays at DE. We’ll know soon enough.

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I think so too. We just need another player on the line who can demand more attention occasionally; maybe an additional double team 1 out of 5 snaps. If we can get pressure(excluding Ed) without blitzing then we can be really dangerous on defense. I think that was our biggest key when Orlando was here. Offensive linemen had no idea who to block when we did blitz. lol

Isaiah Chambers will be another force to be reckoned with. He will take some pressure off of Ed or will reap the rewards of Double/triple teams on Ed.

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I hope so. I just wonder how we’ll do when teams run there power personnel packages. I looked back the games last year when we struggled against it. Tulane ran a bunch of 12 man, and Tulsa ran 12 and 11 man and the D-Line would get bottled up. Sometimes CMD ran out the nickle players against it and it was bad. lol But that’s more about scheme I guess.