Roster spots

I apologize if this is covered elsewhere…due to Applewhite Apathy, I haven’t been following as closely as I usually do. How many roster spots do we have available for 2019 signees and transfers. Looks like we have 14 signees and 1 hard commit. I count 23 seniors + Ed and Isaiah leaving. I didn’t count walk-ons in these numbers. Are my numbers correct? How many scholarships will we have left for CDH to fill?

We can only take 20 in the 2019 class because we used 5 on grad transfers last year. So we have 6 spots open.

It’ll be 2 transfers and 4 Juco. Watch.

I can handle that. Just don’t want a lot more grad transfers.

Grad transfers are fine if they have enough eligibility left

Anybody know where we are at on the 85 scholarships overall? I know that is rarely talked about

Not exactly but right around 60 give or take one or two before the ‘19 class reports (should be 19-20) and any walk-ons (maybe Carmouche, Dixie) are awarded scholarships.

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How often do grad transfers have more than a year left?


I think we are expected to be 5 or so short assuming no attrition.

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They really have to contribute the use of the spot to be worth it. Who were our grad transfers this year?

Grad transfer rarely rarely have more than 1 year left. Remember they are able to transfer w/o sitting out a year bec they have degree in hand.

I like the grad transfer strategy in theory but it hasn’t really worked out for us.

Maybe better to focus on JCs for those immediate need spots.

I believe Carr from Colorado was a grad transfer, he worked out well


We had terrible luck with them. Darrion Owens was the starter in front of Roman Brown at ILB. He gave us a big guy inside to stop the run, and he was lost to injury in the first game. Isaiah Chambers was our best pass rushing DL, and he was out by the third or fourth game. Terrence Williams was a 1000 yard rusher at Baylor but really never overcame injuries this season. Nick Watkins at CB and Raelon Singleton at WR were really the only significant contributors.


A transfer but not a grad transfer.


Yes he still has one left . Be SR Fall 2019.

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Ended up being a walk-on. He’s on scholarship now, but it took until this season.

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Carr highly recruited out of high school. Transferred home to play for U of H.walked on without a scholarship and was promised by Herman a scholarship in the spring 2017. Promised by Applewhite fall of 2017. but for some reason Applewhite didn’t believe in him. Enters Briles (who remebers him and knows talent) and over 800 yards later with barely touching the ball. A kid who doesn’t quit and yes a great transfer for U of H. Too bad Applewhite couldn’t see it. #knowyourtalent


Isaiah wasn’t a grad transfer. He transferred here from TCU and sat out a year. I believe he still has 2 years of eligibility remaining.