Roster Updates 10 Feb 18

As the team tries to get to 35 before the first pitch of the season, 4 players are no longer on the roster leaving the team at 36 players.

No longer listed:

Mitch Ullom - is lost for the season due to injury.

David Kanada - Just couldn’t seem to get going when brought out of the pen last year

Zach Needham - Thought he would compete for the 3B spot as he had a great year in JUCO last year. Guess he lost out to Triolo/others.

Josh Elvir - Another guy that had a strong season in JUCO last year that I thought would compete for a spot in the OF.

Darn, bad news concerning Mitch.

I’m kinda disappointed that neither Needham or Elvir ended up sticking around, I really thought one of those guys could be our Iriart/Scheiner this year based on their JuCo resumes, but maybe it’s a commentary on how much returning talent we have that neither guy could break the lineup.

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I think you’ve got the right take regarding the loss of those guys; the talent returning just didn’t open a spot for them. That’s exciting to think about; if this team can score a ton of runs to go along with what should be a strong pitching staff…sky’s the limit this year.

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Just curious, Cumby is our only returning starter as a pitcher, so who do you guys think are going to fill the big holes?

JD posted that zither weekend rotation will be Cumbie, Fletcher, and Randel.

My guess is that Villarreal gets the closer’s role with Pullido and Bond backing him up early. Think Lafond may be someone that sees some action out of the pen as well.

Midweek spot could be anyone, but I say Henry will get the first shot at it.

Tons of good arms so if anyone struggles, they could be replaced quickly.

Yep I agree…Lafond, from what I have heard, is going to be too good to keep on the bench for very long. He could be our week day starter along with Henry…