Rothstein AAC Preseason Rankings


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Sounds good to me!

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Until USF proves itself I wouldn’t pick them over Cincy.


Interesting that he has Mills receiving honors over Grimes.


Rothstein…the smartest sports hack in all of America.

Kris Gardner #2a.

Katz #2b.

More of a sure bet right now lol

Mills was second team all conference last year and Grimes didn’t make any of the teams. It’s not really that surprising.

Jayden Gardner is the only player besides Mills that was on the first or second team coming back this year.


Thank the Lord that Cumberland finally ran out of eligibility, seems like that Kat had 9 lives!


I think Cumberland will be back this fall; the NCAA has granted him a 16th year of eligibilty. He is the only college player to turn pro at age 35.


I’ve heard he’s been getting AARP applications in the mail.

And when he gets mad at his teammates, they just say “ok boomer” back to him.

Ok…back to work. I’ve destroyed enough 1’s and 0’s in this thread with this post.

Say it ain’t so , Big Mike!

Back to work? Oh yeah, I remember working; retirement is nice. My charming bride asked me what am I doing today and I said “nothing.” She said that’s what you did yesterday and I told her I wasn’'t fininished.


Nice one Mike! :smiley:


Yeah, I get that. But based on some of the things CKS has been saying about Grimes, I expected Rothstein to be all in on Grimes just based on that. Not that I have any problem whatsoever with Mills being the man as long as he continues to get better on defense.

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Sampson definitely has Rothstein’s ear.

Sampson is also a genuine guy and uses coach speak less than pretty much any other coach. Nonetheless, he’s still a coach and anything he says could be (and many times likely is) for purposes other than just reporting on the team to the fans. A lot of the hype he is doing with Q may be to also help build up Q’s confidence for the season. He may know he doesn’t really need to do that with Caleb. I’ve made this point to Pesik many times on here.

All that said, I do hope for/expect a big year from Grimes too. Rothstein may be too. Q could still have a great season and fall short of being the conference player of the year!