Rotten Fruit

Price of strawberries may be next thing to feel effects of inflation…errr…immigration
reform. Fruit rotting in Florida strawberry fields due to lack of pickers.

Mods, if this article, in your view , is deemed political, just lock the thread.

Meanwhile the fruit will just rot and less supply in a constant demand scenario will result in higher

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Lack of pickers? Pay them. You want to pay cents for bunches. Have yall seen those documentaries or videos? They deserve to be paid more than what they currently make.

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Who are you going to pay ?
Who is the “them” exactly ?

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Americans ain’t picking fruit lol…they wouldn’t last out in the heat

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Or anything maybe related to the outdoors and nature, food…

The workers. How is that even a question?

The workers have left the state; it’s not a pay issue for those that left.

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