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I found this to be very interesting. There has been a lot of talk about RPI. Right now UH sits at 74. Winning the ECU series next weekend could help that a lot. ECU is at 32, and the series is at ECU.

While looking into RPI a bit out of boredom this morning, I stumbled on this. Somehow I had not heard about it this week: Texas A&M baseball: Aggies cancel Incarnate Word game to protect chances of hosting NCAA regional

Flat-out canceled a game on the schedule for no reason other than to protect RPI. No weather issues … just to protect RPI.

I think that’s wrong. Don’t schedule Incarnate Word if you don’t want to play them. Plus, there are contracts involved. I guess IW also agreed to not play from what I can tell. Still, this is ridiculous to me. You chose to schedule them, A&M…


At first I thought the topic was RIP - Texas A&M and I was happy for a second.


Yes, that is very weak but it has happened before….most of the time it’s not so obvious….

I remember us doing it a few years ago.


I read it that way too! Then I figured, may as well read about their rpi.

Yep, did not want to open a can of worms but you are correct……

And UIW will still get their money.


While it is weak, it happens. I believe that we cancelled a game with SFA a couple of years ago for basically the same reason. Maybe Covid came into play, but playing that game was going to kill our RPI.

That’s insane to me. If you scheduled them, play them.

Apparently this is just gonna be a “thing” now. High Point vs. Liberty just canceled (mutually agreed upon) for the same reasons…

Why even bother scheduling games past, say May 1? Why not schedule up until May 1 and then after that put together opponents last minute based on RPI.

“Hey, Eastern Kentucky, you’re decent this year. Wanna come to Houston next Tuesday?”

“Hello, UC Santa Barbara, can we come to your place Thursday for a doubleheader. It’ll help us both in the RPI.”

Cancelling the game was the smart thing to do. Scheduling them in the first place wasn’t.
A lot of ECU fans were really critical of us when we cancelled our series last year. They were on the bubble to host and did end up being awarded a regional. Did they ever apologize for being so obnoxious and thank us for cancelling? :thinking:

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