RUMOR: Fritz to Miss. State

He’s considered one of their top candidates. We may be too late.


We’re aboard the Pezman Express, chugging through the countryside at 3 mph, and pouring money into the furnace. Hell, we’re on Pez’ caboose.


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Majority here thought Holgorsen was a great idea when we hired him. I’ll wait to judge who might be the right coach


Like I’ve been saying, Fritz could’ve been our answer. All he does is win. They’ll love him at Miss St.


You think the OL coach wished he had stayed at Tulane?


In today’s coaching game, if you snooze, you lose.

"I have five years on my contract with a f—ing impossible buyout. … So there ain’t no f—ing hot seat in my mind. There just ain’t. ” - Dana Holgorsen


Maybe. They’re having one Helluva lot more fun than us.

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Also, when the new coach is hired I’m going to put in my resume for DC….you ready for a 3-5-3? Fast and fly around to the ball….makes up for lack of size.

My only hesitation is splitting time with the Astros as Joe’s new bench coach.


Sounds like he’s be on his way to the SEC.

I would stay at Minute Made. It’s a lot cooler where he’s sitting in September.

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And if you rush, you might get another Dana.

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Have nothing but respect for Fritz, but I don’t think Fritz is the guy for UH. He’s too old. He fits better in the SEC at this stage of his career. He needs to find a place where he can ride the retirement wave.

UH needs an up and coming OC from a high profile school.


I think we are lucky to have him. He’ll be a big asset as we bring in a whole new OL thru the portal

If Miss St gets him, they’ll have a lot more Ws than Ls going forward. Trust me

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Yep. UH has special challenges and special opportunities. Having a vocal, energetic new coach helps on both sides. Fritz would stabilize us but I’m not sure about the rest of it.

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Yeah he’s been great so far….lol

And the entire staff is about to look for new jobs….so yes, the new coach will have to go to Portals-R-Us….but he’ll also recruit like a MF’er with the HS kids and not just sit on his a$$.


The SEC is going to be incredibly difficult once OU and Texas join. Given the SEC is already heavy at the top, I don’t see Willie being able to dominate right away.

It’s going to take a few years to build up a program like Miss State to compete with the already established big dogs of that conference

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Yea unfortunately everyone looks good on paper. Just ask the Aggies about Jimbo.